Preserve your nature :
Don’t smoke.
Don’t use drugs, encouraging trafficking and crime.
Don’t drink and drive.
Don’t ride with drunken people.
Be alert while driving. Don’t talk on your mobile phone while driving.
Fasten seat belts when entering a car.
Don’t take medicines on your own.
Prevent AIDS always.
Use solar protector daily.
Prefer natural meals.
Walk on the street, park, beach...
Exercise regularly.
Sleep about 8 hours a night.
Contact and admire nature.
Listen to your favorite songs once in a while.
Care about your health, your heart. Look for tips at the website .
Cultivate peace and friendship.
Help your fellow man.
Be yourself. Use your gifts and follow your pursuits.
Love your land, your country.
Respect nature as something divine and sacred.
Enjoy your life.

Take care ! You are part of nature.


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