Environmental Scenario

The Natural Principle
Reflecting about the nature can help Humans better understand the life around us.
Imagine : how would be the world according to the natural plan without the human intervention ?


HUMAN INTERVENTIONS (careless interferences)

clean waters (rivers, seas, oceans...)

discharge of untreated sewage, toxic residues, pollutants, deforestation of riparian forests

pure air

emission of pollutants (power plants, industries, cars), excess of individual transportation (traffic jams), fossil fuel burning (greenhouse effect gases causing climate changes)

land, vegetation

concrete, pavement preventing rain waters from permeating the soil and causing floods in cities (garbage in water drains)

absence of garbage

detachable, garbage piles, plastic, metal, glass, paper packages, toxic residues, non-degradable products

natural / organic food

pesticides (polluting soil, water and air)

natural, original seeds

patented transgenic (genetically modified seeds in laboratory)

vegetables, squash, grains, fruit...

excess sugar food (soft drinks), salt, trans and saturated fat, chemical substances, fast-food

forests, biodiversity

deforestation, wildfires, advancement of pastures and monocultures over native forests, extinction of fauna and flora species through destruction of their habitats

free birds, animals

hunting, illegal trafficking, predatory fishing (incidental capture of marine animals), cages, confinement (laying hens), lab testing, mistreatment, carelessness for animal suffering

land, water and food enough for all

bad distribution, corruption and lack of good will from public power, unsustainable consumption of natural resources (waste, vandalism with nature), lack of fraternity in fighting poverty

Life on the planet is threatened by the human race.

Our life quality depends on the environment preservation. We are part of it.

Indigenous wisdom
Tips : Preserve your nature

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