On-line Environmental Education for All
Environmental Responsibility in Practice :
Nature Conservation
and Fight Against Wasting

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Objectives :
To raise awareness so that everyone will make his/her part in nature conservation; to tell the importance for all living creatures and the planet to avoid the waste of water, energy, fuel, food, paper and other resources; and to encourage garbage reduction, recycling, selective waste collection and responsible consumption.
Get to know reasons for not wasting resources as well as tips for saving and preserving them at work, home, school and leisure activities.
In every approached subject we try to: inform, raise awareness, alert, guide, incentive new environmentally responsible attitudes, inspire action ideas and promote the sustainable use of the planet’s natural resources.
As a conscious citizen, consumer and voter, get to know what attitudes you should demand from corporations and governments regarding environmental responsibility.

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We suggest you read following the recommended sequence for a comprehensive view of the environment and your role in its preservation.

1. Water : how and why it is so important to preserve
The scarcity of high quality fresh water for consumption : pollution and waste
Tips to avoid water waste and to require the preservation of hydro-resources

2. Air Pollution and Climate Disequilibrium
Greenhouse effect, global warming and climate changes
Causes, evidences and consequences

Tips to reduce air pollution and the impacts of climate changes

3. Energy : sources and alternatives
Why to save energy is important for the country and for the planet
The environmental impact of large hydroelectric power plants
Renewable energy sources for Brazil : water, sun, wind and biomass

Tips to reduce the waste of electric power 

4. Biodiversity

Deforestation and what we can do about
Trafficking of wild animals
Tips : Animal welfare 


5. Food

Problems : bad distribution, malnutrition, obesity, waste and pesticides
Why not to waste is important to fight hunger
Organic food benefits for the environment and for your health
Tips to fight food waste

6. Recycling

The urban collection, waste in the modern world and decomposition times
Benefits of selective collection, recycling and residue minimization
Reasons to recycle

Tips to reduce waste, to reuse and to recycle
What materials are recyclable?

7. More
Sustainable consumption : the use of the planet’s natural resources
The environmental scenario
Indigenous wisdom
Tips : Preserve your nature

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